Affiliate Marketing System

Affiliate marketing means a marketing agreement by which the owner pays a commission to a person/ affiliate that was able to generate sales.
High6 Affiliate Marketing Preview

How It Works?

Below are examples of how the affiliate marketing system works.

Step 1

Referral Link Shares

High6 Affiliate Marketing Referral Link Shares
The affiliate shares a referral link of your online store.

Step 2

Referral Link Clicked

High6 Affiliate Marketing Referral link Clicked
A visitor clicked the referral link and is redirected to your webpage.

Step 3

Purchasing Products

High6 Affiliate Marketing Purchasing Products
The customer makes a purchase from your store.

Step 4


High6 Affiliate Marketing Payments
You received the order and payment.

Step 5


High6 Affiliate Marketing Commisions
The affiliate receives a commission of the sale.

Step 6


High6 Affiliate Marketing Promotions
The affiliates keeps promoting your store.


Here are some benefits of having an affiliate marketing system.
Create Awareness

Create Awareness

Having many affiliates promoting to each network can increase awareness of your products and services.
Increase Traffic

Increase Traffic

Making your website visible in many digital marketing mediums will help increase traffic.
Boost Sales

Boost Sales

Having many people visiting your website increased the likelihood of converting them to customers.


Unlimited Affiliates

Unlimited Affiliates

There is no limit to the numbers of affiliates promoting your website products and services.
Affiliate Tracking

Affiliate Tracking

Easily track affiliates, referrals, earnings, affiliate registrations in real time.
Affiliate Dashboard

Affiliate Dashboard

An area for your affiliates to track their performance, and view earnings.

Referral Rate Types

You can provide flat rate or percentage referral rate per affiliate and product basis.
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