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Effective Online Shop Integrated With Loyalty Program

Having an Online Shop is not enough to increase sales, you should have a loyalty program that rewards your customers, to excite them to buy more and encourage them to recommend your products.

We have helped a lot of SMEs put up their online stores . Let High6 assist you.

100% Custom Web Design: We Don't Use Templates.

Product Management: Track inventory levels, organize products into categories, assign regular and sale prices

Sales Report: Provides useful reports for analysis and decision making

Rewards System: Gives out points for loyal customers and encourage them to buy and recommend your products

Reliable Support: Email Us And We'll Respond In A Flash

Free Consulting: We Will Provide You Effective Strategies that Drive Sales

Manuka Health
Whey Depot
Nicolette and Co
Girl Stuff Forever


“These people are the best in their field and the most professional guys you can work with when it comes to website development. If you’ve ever wanted that expensive-looking, Mac or Nike-style website that looks like a million pesos, that’s what High6 can give you”


Whey Depot Philippines


It all started when our founder was looking for a web development company for his business.

At first, he hired a freelance web developer to cut back on cost. But then the freelancer weren’t able to finish the project and seemingly disappeared and cannot be contacted anymore.

Learning his lesson from the first developer, he then hired a legit web development company. But somehow it still weren’t able to deliver what our founder needs for his website.

Feeling frustrated, as an IT graduate with programming background, he decided to take matters in his own hands. He decided to learn and develop his own website. When he was able to execute and accomplish everything that he needs for his website, he realized that other businesses might also need a good and trusted website provider. And that’s when High6 was born.


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