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Pinas Web Design

Pinas, is a website specially created for the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), ang mga makabagong bayani ng Pilipinas, and High6 is very thankful that we are given the opportunity to serve the OFWs by developing this website.

The goal of Pinas is to provide useful, indispensable resources and services for our beloved OFWs and their families.

Below are some website functionality that we have included.

Mobile Design

Our web designers have applied an Adaptive Design instead of Responsive Design for mobile view. It simply means that we have designed and developed two different layouts, one is for desktop screen size and the other one is for mobile screen size. And the functionality remains the same for both desktop and mobile. Mobile Design

Article Posts

Since the website features tons of articles, online resources and stories that visitors can read. Our web developers have developed an easy to use content management system (backend) for users to easily upload new contents regularly. Articles Listing

Shop Page

Pinas is not only a website that provides information, it also has an eCommerce functionality that transforms the website to an online shop. With this feature, Overseas Filipinos Workers (OFW) can send goods (ie. canned goods, flowers, jewelries, etc.) to their families here in the Philippines by ordering in the website. Kabayan Box Regalo Padala

Highly Customized Web Design

If you have visited Pinas, you will notice that it is not a typical website, it is a highly customized website design. Our web developers have to carefully sliced the website elements (ie. cartoons, labels, backgrounds, etc.) one by one to achieve the proper position and effects.

Facebook Feeds

We’ve added facebook feed on the Pinas website that can be found on the home page, it displays the latest news that visitors can easily check even if they are not in facebook. Facebook Feeds Payment Methods

Payment Methods

We have added a wide variety of payment methods on Pinas checkout page, so that users have options to choose the most preferred way of payment.

Inquiry Form

One of the amazing services of Pinas is that they allow visitors to ask questions or advice from a lawyer for FREE that can be found in Itanong Mo Kay Attorney page. For us to achieve this, we have added an inquiry form in this page. Itanong Mo Kay Attorney Service ni Juan

Advance Inquiry Form

Service ni Juan page is another service of Pinas that helps our Overseas Filipino Workers pay their bills (ie. school, utility, etc.) here in the Philippines, it requires a sophisticated form that sums up the amount that the OFWs have to pay for their bills together with the service fee of Pinas and the OFWs can make the payment online in the website. Custom Product Bundle has a custom product bundle called Special Customized Box where users can customized the products that will be included in the product, as well as its quantities. Custom Product Bundle

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