Reward System

We at High6 understands that having an Ecommerce Website is not enough to increase sales, it should be partnered with marketing campaigns and reward system to make it full proof. You would want your customers to be excited when they buy your products online, for them to keep on buying and even recommend your products to their friends.

High6 Reward System Preview


What are the advantages of having a Reward System?

High6 Reward System Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Earning points from your reward system will encourage your customers to buy more products to earn more points and eventually use these points to buy from you again.

High6 Reward System Boost Referrals

Boost Referrals

We understand that the mobile users are increasing each day, and it’s important to have a web design that also looks good in mobile devices, which is why all our web designs are mobile friendly and responsive.

High6 Rewards System Grow Relationship

Grow Relationship

Giving rewards to your customers will grow your relationship with them.

Maintenance and Support

Improve Customer Lifetime Value

Rewarding your customers will increase the possibility for your customers to continue patronizing your products.

High6 Rewards System Grow Relationship

Generate Happy Customers

Collecting reward points and getting free products will produce happy customers, which is a major part for you to expand your business.

How It Works?

Below are some ways for customers to earn reward points. The earned points can be redeemed for future purchases.

High6 Reward System First Purchase

First Purchase

High6 Reward System Every Product Purchase

Every Product Purchase

High6 Reward System Writing Product Reviews

Writing Product Reviews

High6 Reward System New Sign Up

New Sign Up

High6 Reward System Referred Product Purchase

Referred Product Purchase or Sign Up

High6 Reward System Social Promotion

Social Promotion

If you already have an Ecommerce Website, but it’s lousy and in-effective, then you may want to consider having your Ecommerce Website re-designed, as technology and designs are constantly advancing. You don’t want to be left behind and lose your customers to your competitors.


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