High6 provides quality and effective websites that results to happy clients.

“This is going to be one of the easiest recommendations I’ve made for someone.

If you’re wondering whether to work with Jeffrey and High6, there’s absolutely no reason to hesitate. These people are the best in their field and the most professional guys you can work with when it comes to website development. If you’ve ever wanted that expensive-looking, Mac or Nike-style website that looks like a million pesos, that’s what High6 can give you. They pay close attention to detail and not a button is out of place. They do everything and all you have to do is sit back and choose the color of your drapes, so to speak. These guys know their work and you’d be surprised how easy it is to get that website.

Their rates are the most reasonable I’ve seen on any IT company in the Philippines. You can’t believe how they do it for such an affordable contract. Our website was completely up to our standards and High6 has completely delivered. I highly recommend working with their team.

Thank you Jeffrey!”

Whey Depot Philippines

Whey Depot Testimonial Image

“I always thought that starting up a company website would be tedious at best and frustrating at worst. They made the actual experience convenient and efficient. I was impressed with the quality of their work. Their technical support for computer “semi-literates” like me was also invaluable. They also respond rapidly to questions and problems.

All in all, the experience of starting my company’s website became very rewarding. I hope that they can help more small business people like me open up their horizons for their opportunities on the Web.”

Move Right Realty Group

“The High6 team is always at reach whenever you need their help, just a single message away, and they’ll get back to you immediately; And yet the most affordable and you still get the best service and maintenance.”

Jennie Hyun

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